Our objective is the professional reintegration of persons in difficulty through actions of careful evaluation and concrete support in view of recovering potential and capacity.

Achieving this target means taking individually care of every person and to always develop new operational strategies in step with the requirements of the labour market, with the worker’s peculiarities, with the deep human and social significance of reintegration.

We are working to give answers to difficult situations. Thus we take inspiration from a pressing logic of sensitivity and realism: being the connecting link between the worker who suffers from illness or accident and the company. We are convinced that individual ‘tailor-made’ solutions work and that standard measures do not apply.



Support and complete advice to the persons and to the companies in view of work placement or of professional reintegration of people with health problems.

SIL is a team of professionals of various competences able to provide instruments and find suitable strategies in order to recommend solutions to the problems of physically or psychically fragile workers in all employment sectors.

In compliance with the values and the spirit of SIL, welcoming and action in a ‘one-to-one relationship’ are the fundamental trumps which allow us a careful and specialized observation, the search for concrete results, an effective targeting of the peculiarities of the person and of his/her employment perspectives.

For SIL there are no statistical cases, but individualities to be ascertained, followed and led to a possible new solution or professional recovery.


Our main mission is to take care of each individual person, study, organise and manage a concrete intervention program appropriate to indentify residual capacities, recoverable abilities and the possible areas for a re-entry into working life. Therefore, approach and follow-up support are extremely personalised: the most suitable consultants for the specific situation follow the person from getting to know each other and assessing the situation to finding the best possible solution.

How do we work? In every field and with regard to any kind of problem, we are mainly taking care of the person. The human relationship is the first asset for success of SIL’s actions. Therefore to observe, to interact, to understand the difficulties, are the first essential passages in order to identify the most suitable consultant to coach the person and then to follow-up the process by taking the necessary supporting actions.

If our final goal is the professional reintegration, our force is the combination of competences with a strong human and social vocation.

Evaluation is the main task and represents the essential condition to proceed to a real search for solutions.

Our flagship is our evaluation workshop where manual activities are carried out. The aim of this workshop is to take care of each single person directly, in a ‘one-to-one’ relationship, before proceeding to have the person integrated into a company.

The professional ascertainment occurs thanks to the cooperation established between SIL and the various companies. We avail ourselves of competences of professionals who, in their specific field, check the person’s effective working capacities: it is on the basis of aptitude and ability that our SIL consultants assess the real reintegration chances, as our action is guided by an essential practical aim, i.e. the actual chance for an encounter between the person and the world of work.

During the period of professional assessment, our SIL consultants guarantee support both to the companies and to the persons. The frequency and the continuity of the support are defined according to the necessities arising along the way. The heterogeneous SIL team allows working transversally in all professional sectors.

We take care of people with health issues in order to evaluate their profile and assess their competences.

Interviews, observation and the competences of our consultants and specialists in professional orientation allow us to understand the person’s aptitude in order to best determine in which work sector the professional training should begin.

What sustains us, both in the ascertainment and in the orientation, is our ‘artisan’ stamp and the firm conviction that an authentic and effective solution may only result from the combination of understanding the difficulties, on one hand, and of the working logics, on the other hand.

SIL’s psychologist gives a psychological assessment of the person under observation and may provide support. Furthermore he is authorised to carry out various tests which provide important indications with regard to the person’s professional integration:

WAIS – IV (IQ test)

MMPI – personality test

RAVEN – progressive matrices, non verbal intelligence test

TINV – nonverbal intelligence test

If necessary, our institute may also call upon a close cooperation with psychiatrists.

Moreover, the psychologist’s and/or the psychiatrist’s cooperation, should SIL’s consultants deem it necessary, is requested and activated also during the integration period of the insured.

SIL relies on a doctor, who is also in possession of an artisan qualification. This is one of the peculiar aspects that qualify SIL’s vision and mission: the concrete approach to the person and to reality, aiming at always pursue the most suitable and authentically sustainable solutions.

In fact, the figure of the artisan doctor is an atypical one, a key, a very precious asset. The competences of the SIL doctor are fundamental for the comprehension of possible physical deficits of which a person may suffer following an accident. His expert evaluation, directly at the workplace, subsequently allows to evaluate with a greater precision the effective possibilities of reintegration in the various working contexts. Essentially, he brings together scientific knowledge and practical comprehension and this is an enormous contribution to SIL’s mission.

SIL’s consultants may make use of his collaboration at 360 degrees, at any moment of the reintegration path, whenever the necessity occurs.

In case of persons being inactive for a long time, our SIL consultants conceive – in our laboratory or in other locations and together with the companies – work programs adapted to recover and acquire new competences.

Thanks to these working experiences and due to a newly acquired professional baggage, the persons concerned will be able to develop ability and updating allowing them to become qualified again for the search of an employment. Our approach ad personam permits us in fact to fathom and value dormant attitudes, to bring to light unexpressed potentials, to combine the person’s knowledge with practical applications.

SIL’s consultants are supporting the apprentice and the company during the professional training course in order to guarantee success. The introduction and the path may in fact require our consultants’ competences and support as well as our experience: the specific assistance enables to find, case per case and in the concrete dimension of placement, efficient strategies at times when the success of the training might be at risk.

SIL’s competences are made available to the companies by providing every useful consultancy for the management of their staff that has sustained injury being difficult to solve. This represents a very important SIL characteristic: our background and our guidelines allow us to be the trait d’union between person and company. Our intervention is always aiming to reconcile the difficulties, the human values and the needs in the working context, especially when there is great professionalism which may be restored for the person’s and the company’s benefit.

We offer seminars aiming to face and handle stress in a efficient way. The contents of the seminars are orientated to managers and staff of all hierarchical levels.

Various methods are applied, passing from objective information to personal reflexion until practical behavioural advice in order to guarantee the best implementation of tolerance to stress in daily life.

The seminars are conceived for firms which intend to offer to their staff members the chance to achieve a greater awareness of their automatism when facing stressful situations, with the aim of learning to deal with such situations with a greater confidence and ease. The organisation is being preliminarily discussed with the client in order to personalize the program in a constructive and effective way.

Substantially the main guidelines are:

  • understanding which are the factors causing stress and knowing how symptoms manifest themselves
  • integrating methods and techniques to relax and learn to unwind
  • learning how to distance oneself from situations and emotions and understanding which are the factors causing subjective stress
  • helping to face up in an active way to professional as well as everyday life challenges
  • conveying values and the way to find a personal balance between work and leisure.

By means of the Expertise Report, Sil shall elaborate a professional project focused on the capacities and the needs of the single individual. It’s about conducting a detailed evaluation in the professional and private sphere of the person concerned. In particular, subjects like motivation, interests, capacities and expertise of the person as well as, last but not least, their values, are examined in depth. Furthermore, aspects which concern the working mode, such as working hours, shift work, noises, workplace, are investigated, etc..

For this purpose, Sil uses focused evaluation instruments, such as structured interviews, self-reflections, questionnaires regarding the personality and the motivation as well as, in particular cases, aptitude tests. The result thereof is a detailed report which allows a 360° vision of the personal resources and the potential of every single individual.


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